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UFOs, aliens, other dimensions, and future timelines

This introduction to The Occult Control System makes you wanna find out what it is!

The Occult Roots of Donald Trump

If meme magic can put someone in the White House, what else can it do? Does positive thinking work? What part does it play in all of this? Which side is it on? And what can we do about it? Gary Lachma...

Stop Believing and Start Living

Mark Chasans "Living in AWE" begins with a parable on consciousness. A little boy discovers sight!

How to Create, According to J.R.R. Tolkien

Yet [Tolkien] points out that over time the term “Imagination” has come to mean something more than the faculty of image-making. The term carries a greater potency: “the power of giving to ideal creat...

Aliens, Ghosts, and Electronic Beats: A Conversation with Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington

This overwhelmingly honest interview by the Nicholas Jaar, Dave Harrington and Daniel Pinchbeck explores the wider implication of music, shamanism, ghosts and reality. Get an inside look at the razor ...

Making the Universe Great Again: Thoughts on Avengers: Endgame

The aesthetic shortcomings of Avengers: Endgame reflect disturbing trends in politics and society. Worse, the film is a propaganda and indoctrination vehicle for those trends.

Navigating Rabbit Holes Beneath Trumpocalypse

There are certain moments of rabbit hole navigation, while the howling chaos of Trumpocalypse roils across the dense surface of the world far above, when you begin to glimpse the deeper patterns stru...

Looking Across the Event Horizon and into the Singularity

Look across the event horizon into the singularity archetype and what it reveals about our individual and collective metamorphosis.