Climate Change, Permaculture, Sustainable Energy, (please populate)

UFOs, aliens, other dimensions, and future timelines

This introduction to The Occult Control System makes you wanna find out what it is!

Traversing the Invisible Terrain from Game A to Game B

Stop thinking about the problem. Thinking brought us in, it won't get us out.

Stop Believing and Start Living

Mark Chasans "Living in AWE" begins with a parable on consciousness. A little boy discovers sight!

Shipibo Women Healer on Ayahuasca Boom

This is the introduction to an interview of a healer. She speaks on the global Ayahuasca Boom. Consequences and Opportunities! Read more!

Psychobiotics – Using Bacteria to Boost Your Brain

What are psychobiotics? What are their origins? How can we learn from them ? See and read more!

Addiction, Climate Change, and the Psychology of Recovery

Salix Roots on addiction. Is there a liminal stage in the way we see addiction ? Learn more and be surprised!

Global or Local? Two Paths to the Future

When we strengthen the human-scale economy, decision-making itself is transformed.

The Amazon: How Do We Heal a Burning Heart?

Rather than winning a war, let’s change the conditions. Everybody can be part of that, because when the conditions are everything, then any act of healing will ultimately affect the Amazon rainforest...

Merging Spirit and Technology

What if technology could produce out-of-body experiences on demand? Jonathan Zap defines a new frontier of the mind as advances in medical and media technology offer human consciousness a massive upgr...

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