The Magicial Revival and Right Wing Paganism

Amy Hale on the Third Position, Radical Traditionalism, Surrealist painter Ithell Colquhoun, the Golden Dawn, reenchantment, and the evolving fauna of the contemporary occult and pagan communities. Sh...

The Occult Roots of Donald Trump

If meme magic can put someone in the White House, what else can it do? Does positive thinking work? What part does it play in all of this? Which side is it on? And what can we do about it? Gary Lachma...

Thanos Completely Exonerated by Mueller according to Attorney General

In a four-page statement released by the Justice Department, Attorney General Bill Barr concludes that, “The Meuller Report completely exonerates Thanos of both collusion and obstruction of justice.”

Not Getting the Joke

Trump is a Perfect Creation, Frankenstein’s Frankenstein sent by Central Casting to Awaken us from the Nightmare of History

Kavanaugh Hearing —Trumpocalypse Melting Down

The Kavanaugh Hearing as witnessed by a survivor of the entire live televised coverage.