Traversing the Invisible Terrain from Game A to Game B

Stop thinking about the problem. Thinking brought us in, it won't get us out.

Stop Believing and Start Living

Mark Chasans "Living in AWE" begins with a parable on consciousness. A little boy discovers sight!

Contemplation on Consciousness

Richard Smoley is able to present his idea on consciousness with Jeffrey Mishlove. Who is the other? What is real ? What and how do we percieve and is maybe even everything conscious? Both speaker lea...

Towards an Integral Philosophy of the Present

Jean Gebser was a German-Swiss cultural philosopher, intellectual mystic, poet, and scholar of the evolution of consciousness. Gebser’s time, I believe, has come yet again: to help us in this age of e...

Rabbit-Hole Navigation Skills—Free Video Guide for Orienteering in Zones of High Strangeness

Jonathan Zap’s free video guide book to rabbit-hole navigation for those exploring zones of high strangeness during an age of metamorphosis.

Home is where your Timeline is—a Sci-Fi Word-Movie Journey through the Facebook Matrix

You awaken from uneasy dreams and reach for your smartphone, its myriad pixels illuminating within Gorilla glass and screen-protective laminates as your awareness resumes inside the Facebook Matrix.

Merging Spirit and Technology

What if technology could produce out-of-body experiences on demand? Jonathan Zap defines a new frontier of the mind as advances in medical and media technology offer human consciousness a massive upgr...