Interview about Bwiti initiation and iboga with Nima Grégory Puente

What is Iboga and how can it be used? Who are the Bwiti and how do they relate to Iboga. Read it all in here!

Shipibo Women Healer on Ayahuasca Boom

This is the introduction to an interview of a healer. She speaks on the global Ayahuasca Boom. Consequences and Opportunities! Read more!

Psychedelic Communities, Social Justice, and Kinship in the Capitalocene

One can imagine the shift in psychedelic culture when we have more people of color, more people from LGBTQI communities, more people from the global South, more members of social movements called to j...

Ayahuasca and the Amazon

The Asháninka are rainforest people, once hunter-gatherers, who number 70,000. They live between the border of Peru and the Brazilian jungle state of Acre, along tributaries of the winding Juruá river...

Rabbit-Hole Navigation Skills—Free Video Guide for Orienteering in Zones of High Strangeness

Jonathan Zap’s free video guide book to rabbit-hole navigation for those exploring zones of high strangeness during an age of metamorphosis.