Going West

I will be visiting the West Coast for a few weeks, doing a number of talks and also teaching a class at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), in San Francisco, on 3 consecutive weekends, from Feb 28 – March 15. 

This Thursday, February 26, I will be speaking in Los Angeles at Project Butterfly ($30, includes dinner and live music). Crucial details can be found here:
The CIIS course is a new adventure for me, and there are still a few spaces available for auditors or full participants. Contact CIIS for details
on enrolling. As well as delving into the archetypal and prophetic dimensions of the 2012 issue, we will discuss the social and political aspects of this global transformation, and explore practical means for individuals to contribute.

Toward 2012 (3 units) with Daniel Pinchbeck and Sean Kelly- Three weekends, February 28 & March 1, March 7 & 8, March 14 & 15.

This course will investigate from a variety of disciplinary perspectives (history, philosophy, social theory, astronomy, design science, religious studies, psychology, esotericism, anthropology, cognitive science, etc.) the recent emergence in our culture of a collective focus on the year 2012 as a symbolic threshold of transformation. In addition to learning the facts about the influential phenomenon of the “2012 meme,” students will acquire an appreciation of how and why a multidisciplinary approach is essential for fully understanding any complex human phenomenon, and will also gain practice in balancing respect and critique when engaged in dialogue about one’s own culture and beliefs.
2 bookstore events for “Toward 2012”:

Tuesday, March 3
CAPITOLA BOOK CAFÉ, 7:30 – 9:30 pm
1475 41st Ave.
Capitola, CA 95010

Thursday, March 5
DIESEL Books, 7 – 9 pm (with Erik Davis)
225 26th St.
Oakland, CA 90402
Weds, March 11

“Psychedelics & Spirituality: A Dialogue with Daniel Pinchbeck & Dharmanidhi Sarasvati”

Throughout human history the use of psychoactive substances has played a prominent role in spiritual development. There are differing opinions on the importance or necessity of psychoactives for the contemporary spiritual aspirant. In this discussion, two experts in the field of human consciousness will highlight divergent opinions on the merits of psychedelic use in the quest for spiritual growth.

Details on location, time, etc., coming soon.

Image: “Crop Circle – Savernake Forrest” by oddsock on Flickr courtesy of Creative Commons Licensing.



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